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New masseuses from Malaysia, Sichuan, Hunan arrived. Call or visit us today!

Massage Therapy Services:

Acupoint Massage and Deep Tissue Massage: 

30 minutes/$60, 

45 minutes/$80, 

60 minutes/$90, 

90 minutes/$130 

Cupping: +$20

Benefits of Acupoint Massage: 

It can open up the meridians and provide immediate relief from pain. 

Ginger Oil Meridian Massage: 

30 minutes/$70, 

45 minutes/$90, 

60 minutes/$100, 

90 minutes/$140 

Cupping: +$20

Benefits of Ginger Oil Massage: 

It can alleviate fatigue, loosen tendons and fascia, and have detoxifying and dehumidifying effects. 


Head Therapy: 

30 minutes/$80, 

45 minutes/$100, 

60 minutes/$120, 

90 minutes/$160 

Cupping: +$20

Head therapy is effective for insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, and postpartum headaches. 


Ear Cleaning: 

30 minutes/$70, 

60 minutes/$120 

Cupping: +$20

Ancient ear cleaning is a form of enjoyment that can relieve stress and provide a relaxing and pleasant experience for the whole body. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Compress Treatment: 

One session for $120 

Targets pain from bone spurs, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, and more. 


Cupping only: $30, 

30 Minutes ——– $45
45 Minutes ——– $60
60 Minutes ——– $70

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No.1 Health Center Massage Auburn


Address: Level 1/ 84-86 South Parade, Auburn NSW 2144
(Back Door Available)
Phone: 0415 790 765
Hours: Open 7 days, 10am – 9:30pm

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