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Natural Traditional Acupuncture & Dry Needles, Cupping and Moxibustion, Massage

Natural Traditional Acupuncture & Dry Needles, Cupping and Moxibustion, Massage offers you with experience in medical and health care to help your body heal naturally, restoring balance and vitality. With extensive expertise and clinical experience, we provide a centre of excellence in our hands-on approach to help manage your health.

We can help you manage the following conditions using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a combination of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Remedial Massage.

Services include: preventive health care, immune system enhancement, weight loss, acupuncture treatment for various difficult and miscellaneous diseases, including

Toothache, knee pain, cervical spondylosis, various lumbago, heel pain, frozen shoulder, , , tennis elbow, lumbar disc protrusion, sciatica, prostate enlargement, pain, stomach disease, , trigeminal neuralgia, pillow, , ankle sprain, , low back pain, , insomnia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, indigestion, improve immunity, , muscle sports injuries and other various surgical pain.

We can provide home service.

Friendly Acupuncture & Dry Needles

Natural Traditional Acupuncture & Dry Needles, Cupping and Moxibustion, Massage

Experienced Massage Therapist

Experienced massage therapist deliver remedial massage

Acupuncture Price:

  • 30 min $60
  • 45 min $80
  • 60 min $90

预防保健, 减肥, 针灸治疗各种疑难杂症

我们为您提供医疗保健经验,帮助您的身体自然愈合,恢复平衡和活力。 凭借丰富的专业知识和临床经验,我们可以帮助管理您的健康。我们可以结合针灸, 干针, 和艾灸帮助您使用中医 (TCM) 来管理以下病症。

服务包括: 预防保健, 提高免疫力, 针灸治疗 包括:

膝关节疼痛, 颈椎病, 各种腰痛, 脚后跟疼, 肩周炎, 网球肘, 坐骨神经痛, , 三叉神经痛, 落枕, , 踝关节扭伤, , 腰背疼痛, , 失眠,耳聋耳鸣,脑梗后遗症 阳痿等等

可上门服务, 一次便有效果,如果没效果不收费,$80/60 $150/90

Complete Care Massage Services

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Experienced Therapist

All our massage therapists are well trained and experienced to bring you the result.

Advance Treatment​

Experienced Massager knows how to bring you the best treatment.

Guaranteed Results​

Massage Therapists guarantee to bring you the relief and relaxation

Nice Environment

Massage rooms are well decorated to bring you the relaxing environment.

中医针灸美容 打造自然美人

Chinese acupuncture beauty to create a natural beauty.

通过针灸以十二筋经,十二皮部疏通经络紧致肌肤,驻颜美容抗衰提升去皱,是历代宫廷驻颜良方 双向调节用针法达到自然填充提升去皱的功效。 绿色健康持久。

5大 优势                                                

  1. 纯绿色物理疗法。 效果自然,不假脸 不僵硬
  2. 不开刀 不手术 不填充 不注射(4不)。
  3. 100% 安全 健康 零风险。
  4. 立竿见影 一次就见效, 3次一个疗程,效果持续确保 3-5 年。
  5. 随做随走 不影响工作 学习 生活
Through acupuncture to twelve tendon meridian, twelve skin to unblock meridians tighten the skin, beauty anti-aging lifting wrinkles, is the court of the generations to reside in the beauty of the two-way adjustment with acupuncture to achieve natural filler lifting wrinkle effect. Green, healthy and lasting.

5 major advantages
1 Pure green physical therapy. Natural effect, no fake face, no stiffness
2. No incision, no surgery, no filler, no injection (4 no). 3.
3. 100% safe, healthy and zero risk.
4 immediate results once on the effect, 3 times a course of treatment, the effect continues to ensure 3-5 years. 5 do as you go does not affect the work study life


1 全脸提升

2 全脸拉皮




6 去颈纹。 

7 去黑眼圈。

8 去眼袋  

9 瘦双下巴

10 瘦两腮。

11 丰下巴。

12 丰太阳穴 

13 去疤痕 

14 提眉 

15 小眼变大眼

16 瘦手臂蝴蝶袖

17 瘦大腿 

18 去斑

19 瘦大肚子

承诺 当场一次就见效!无效退款!


(去鱼尾纹 去颈纹    去抬头纹 去眼袋 瘦双下巴 瘦两腮 任选两项 $100)

全脸拉皮去皱紧致 $300

 瘦蝴蝶袖, 瘦大腿, 瘦大肚子 $300


1 Full face lift
2 Facelift
3 Remove the headline.
4 Remove crow’s feet
5 Removal of decrepit lines.
6 Remove neck lines.
7 Remove dark circles under the eyes.
8 Remove eye bags
9 Slimming double chin
10 Slimming both cheeks.
11 Chin augmentation.
12 Plump up the temples
13 Scar Removal
14 Brow lift
15 Small eyes to big eyes
16 Slim arms and butterfly sleeves
17 Thigh slimming
18 Spot Removal
19 Slim belly

Promise: On-the-spot results! No effect refund!

Special Price

(Crow’s feet, neck lines, head lines, eye bags, double chin, cheeks, any two $100)
Full face lift, wrinkle reduction and firming $300
Slimming butterfly sleeves, slimming thighs, slimming tummy $300

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